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Emilie Thalund

When, 1989 born, director Emilie Thalund wasn’t climbing trees as a child she spent her days filling notebook after notebook with drawings. Her father fed her Goddard films while her mother read her Pippi Longstocking. During her teenage years, she always dreamt of becoming a director yet kept it her treasured secret long after that.

Instead she decided to continue sketching resulting in a master’s degree in Art & Architecture form the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Besides working in Bacon located in her hometown Copenhagen she will now join the Czar team in Amsterdam.

Emilie is known to be a sensitive observer, a dreamer and a visually strong narrator. Invested in her love for her characters and intimate storytelling, she naturally gravitated back towards her childhood dream of becoming a director. Using a documentary style, she focuses on tales of real women and filling the gaps in the way women have been portrayed in media in the past years.

Emilie has won a Gold Screen in the Young Directors Awards in Cannes Lions with her film “Period” for the Passion Project. She has also kept illustrating as part of her life, her desaturated yet bright oil pastels and her beautified raw reality having a clear back and forth influence on each other.

Selected Clients

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Selected Clients

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